CREVIS Nuotoliniai I/O

CREVIS Remote I/O - the first slice type of Fieldbus Network Adapter and I/O modules in S. Korea. Applicable to the various control fields as offering Removable Terminal Blocks and Hot-Swap with superior maintenance and reasonable price



Automation Control System for user needs!
CREVIS Remote I/O is applicable to different industries including Marine

It is highly compatible with existing systems as Fieldbus solutions based on industrial standards
More than 100 compact I/O Products like Loadcell, 3-phase measurement, High-Speed Counter, PWM, HART, Temperature controller etc.
enable users to customize and optimize automation system depending their own application and environment.

Slice I/O
Providing the automation control solution with more than 10 fieldbus and 100 I/O products following IEC 61131-3

All-in-one I/OIntegral type supporting network & I/O
Enabling further expansion with slice type of S-series

Compact I/OSmall-sized I/O combined with Devicenet fieldbus and 40pin connector
Available to install using a bracket instead of din-rail

Board type I/OSuitable for small-space to maximize the efficiency of designing the system by installing EtherCAT and DeviceNet board-type products.

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1f, 200-240 V, 24 VDC